Hanlaser HL-1060 100w/130w Trocen DSP AWC708Lite Download

Shenzhen Trocen Automation Technology Co., LTD was founded in Shenzhen of China.As high-tech enterprise to provide motion control solutions, we’re always concentrated in industrial automation motion control system area, so that we can offer the most advanced system developing and optimizing technical solution with the best quality.

As a recognized leading brand of industrial automation control system, our products currently include: laser motion control system, CCD visual identify motion control system, Metal mixture motion control system,Optical fiber laser cutting control system, etc. They are widely used in electronic circuits, integrated circuits, instruments, printed circuits, computer manufacturers, mobile communications, automobile parts, precision instruments, building materials, clothing apparel, city lights, gold and silver jewelry, craft gifts, graphic arts and other industries.

Useful download links for Hanlaser HL-1060 100w/130w Trocen DSP AWC708Lite

  1. HLJ HL-1060 DSP Laser Engraving Machine Manual
  2. LaserCAD Manual
  3. LaserCAD ver7.95.5
  4. AWC708Plus manual(As Trocen don’t provide AWC708Lite manual)

AWC708Plus vs AWC708Lite: Enhanced version of AWC708C LITE,Awc708c plus support 6 axes &4 laser heads separated control and multi head movement control.It provides powerful functionality and suits for customer secondary development.

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