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Chinese benchtop ARFCNC 6040 Commercial CNC Wood Router setup

To start a cutting/engraving, you will need

  1. CAD Software(Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino…)
  2. CAM Software(Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric/…)
  3. Machine Controller Software(Mach3 from Artsoft)

The control box include Chinese XHC USB motion controller. It support Mach3 Machine Controller Software. Below section, I will introduce it in very detail level.

Section 1. Mach3 installment and XHC USB motion controller setup


Section 2. After software and plugin installed, we will set machine coordinates and softlimits. Mach3 homing process is helpful to define machine origins.

Section 3. In CNC machine table, for example 6040, you may get 550mmx370mm working area. In case, you have different fixture attached to this table and make small production. Workpiece coordinates you will need. Mach3 has G54,G55,G56 and support till G59 workpiece coordinates atmost. This video will show how to set and use workpiece coordinates.

Section 4. In most of case, the job engraving from material surface. With auto Z, it is very easy to locate material surface.

Section 5. Thourgh above steps, we have finished software, Motor control, Auto Z. On next step, we will test spindle from machine control box. This video will show you how to turn on VFD and control spindle in Mach3.

Demo machine: ARF benchtop CNC 6040 wood router

Sample materials engraving/cutting

1. Logo engraving on Color board

board Specifications: 20mm*10mm*1.5mm

Tool type: Concial flat 0.2 20 deg(Geometry diameter 3mm)

Feed rate: 2000mm/min

Layered cutting depth: 1.4mm

Cutting time: 00:02:34


2. Chinese ARF CNC 6040 rotatory 4th Axis engraving on wood cylinder

Specifications: 35mm*30mm

Tool type: Concial flat 0.2 20 deg(Geometry diameter 3mm)

Feed rate: 1000mm/min

Spindle speed: 24000RPM

Time: 02:03:06

3. Chinese ARF CNC 6040 working with T6061 Aluminum

Specifications: 70mm*70mm*6mm

Tool type: Single Flute End Mill(diameter 3mm)

Woking Piece Holder: 6inch Vice

Feed rate: 300mm/min

Spindle speed: 24000RPM

Time: 00:15:36

Where to download Machine Controller Software and its addons? Pleae click here to download.



1. What materials can be engravered by this machine?

A: It can engrave wood/Acrylic/PCB/MDF occasionaly soft metal( copper,brass,aluminum,engrave 0.1mm per cut at speed 100mm/min) require NO strict accuracy(0.3mm-0.5mm accuracy)

2. What is chuck size of the 4th-axis?

A: The clamping diameter of 4th-axis is 80mm

3. What CAD/CAM can use?

A: CAD Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino
CAM Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric

4. What machine control software required by this machine?

A: Mach3 only

5. Does this machine support Mach4

A: No, This machine use special USB motion controller designed for Mach3. It didn’t support Mach4

6. What OS system support Mach3?

A: USB: Windows 7 32-bit system ,it didn’t support Windows 10

7. What difference between Mach3 USB and parallel?

A: 1.Mach3 USB can support windows 7 32 bits,and the spinde controlled by Mach3. 2.Parallel just support windows XP and the spindle controlled by VFD

8. What are the script for?

A: They are used with handwheel together.
1. M930.m1s is the probez file.You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy;
2. M999.m1s is the ref all home file.You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy;
3. M933 is go to zero work macro,You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy

9. What is the handwheel model?

A: HB04Bx

10. How do I do my spindle work in wrong direction?

A: In control box, VFD panel, there is button call “Dir”, press once to change spindle direction.

11. Why spindle didn’t run when I start g-code?

A: In control box, VFD panel, there is button call “Run”, press once to start spindle


12. What do I do my Z axis go go in opposite position?

A: Please modify parameter in Mach3. Path config–>ports&pins–>Motor outputs–> find Z axis(if dir lowactive tab is checked, then uncheck. vice versa.


13. What is recommend settings to cut?

A: soft material we set 1000mm/min, hard material 200-500, plunge would be 1/3rd of above

14. Starting value is correct and when I increase the number manually, the spindle increases the speed. But when I want to lower the speed, nothing happens. What should I do?


As test, I try below command

M3(spindle run)
M5(spindle stop)

Please kindly take a video and show what responses.

15. Can the water pump start automatically when the spindle starts?

A: Please control water pump manually, avoid wrong g-code damage spindle.

16. Can I control spindle through Mach3?


Yes,please set VFD value like below
P0-000 value 1(start/stop spindle by Mach3)
P0-002 value 2(speed control by Mach3)
After that, spindle control hand over to Mach3 instead VFD panel. “RUN” CAN NOT lit up manually. Lights are all off.

led(LOCAL) turn off
led(TRIP) turn off
led(RUN) turn off
led(dir) turn off

17. My Spindle didn’t turn on while machine setting is correct. What is the problem?

Answer: Please check hardware connectivity step by step.

a. Please check spindle to cable connection(If pin 1 to pin 1,till pin4)

b. Measure Spindle cable connectivity status.(If pin 1 to pin 1 good or failure, till pin 4)


c. Measure Spindle socket connectivity status.(by multi-meter)

Pin 1(U) to Pin 2(V) good or failure

Pin2(U) to Pin 3(W) good or failure

Pin3(W) to Pin1(U) good or failure


d. VFD check

  1. Multi-meter to check VFD input power voltage
  2. Put VFD at 50Hz and measure AC voltage between U,V,W(multi-meter at 500V AC)


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