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HL-1060L Rate 130W Peak 160W Reci W6 Wood Laser Engraving Machine For 15mm MDF/Plywood Cutting

2017 New Model

HL-1060L Reci 130W CO2 Laser Cutter 450MM Lifting platform

Applicable Industry:
The 130W wood laser engraving cutter machine apply to Advertisement,arts and

crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholster,computerized embroidery

and clipping,packaging and paper industry. 

About RECI W6 Laser TUBE




The HL-1060L Reci 130W CO2 Laser Cutter has three features:

1.The 130W laser tube is more powerful.It’s cutting effect is better than 100W laser

tube. The 100W Laser machine in the market is good at engraving,however it’s

cutting effect isn’t very good if you want to cut wood or some hard material.


2. For new 130W laser cutter, it’s lifting platform is 0-450mm.

You can put more thick material to work!!!

You don’t need to put the machine on a table ,it’s height is very easy to operate!!!

The 100W laser cutter’s lifting platform is only 0-250mm.


3. The 130W laser cutter machine comes with the CW-5000W Chiller.

However the 100W laser cutter machine just comes with CW-3000W Chiller.

If the power of the Chiller is bigger ,it’s cooling effect would be better,it can be

avoided the laser tube burnt.


Product: 130W Laser Engraver Machine

Model: HL-1060L 130W

Cutting material: Plywood/MDF

Cutting thickness: 15mm

Cutting speed: 4mm/s

Cutting power: 98%

Working software: CorlDRAW X6

130W Wood Laser Engraving Machine For 15mm MDF Cutting video

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