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The advantages of HL-1060 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Machine Ruida DSP System&Auto Focus&400MM Lifting platform


2017 New launch XB-1060 DSP 100W laser RDworks off-line with high-speed High
configuration board.The use of high-tech control system,Imported lens and
reflector system. Use USB 2.0 off-line .It supports CAD and RDworks and
CoreldRAW software ,variety of software typesetting engraving and cutting.With
lifting platform.Using professional high quality laser power supply and C02 laser
The advantages of High-speed offline board configuration :1. It supports RDworks and CoreldRAW and CAD software to engrave and cut.




2. The Engraving and cutting color separation work at the same time.



3. The different colors can be set for different engraving and cutting speeds.


4. The Independent DSP system, can work without a computer.Insert USB flash disk, automatic reading and processing files.By operate the DSP control, you can engraving and cutting directly.



5.400MM Listing Platform

You can put more thick material to work!!!You don’t need to put the machine on a table ,it is more convenient for operation !!!

对比水印 400MM
6.Auto Focus function automatically calibrates the distance between the material and laser for optimum focus

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