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2019 New Launch ARFCNC 6040E Ethernet Mach3 CNC Engraving Machine cutting with confidence

Below is more information about this machine,please click to download

1. ARFCNC 6040E Instruction Manual(click to download)

2. MKX-Ethernet Motion Card Driver

3. Macros To Use

4. ARFCNC 6040E Mach3 Profile

5. XHC-WHB04BX 4 Axis handwheel driver v3.84


Mach3 software & drivers installment

ARFCNC 6040E overall introduction

2019 ARFCNC 6040E T6061 aluminum milling sample

Highlight: Metal cutting with cutting fluid generate better effect than nothing.

ARFCNC 6040E Brass Milling sample


  1. This had a lot of good information on the different machining processes. I’ve wondered about when cnc cutting machine

    would be better to use than laser methods.

  2. Hi, Your 24 V power supply should be enough to run the tree- four. Why did you supply an extra powerfully with the machine with space for two in the controller box. May be better to run it on 48V?

    Best regards

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