HL-ZXP1060L 130W CO2 Laser Cutting Engraver Machine

In March 2017 latest  launch HL ZXP 1060L 130W CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine

The Reci 130W laser engraving range: advertising logo signs, craft gifts, crystal jewelry, paper-cut process, bamboo carving process. Printing and plate making, garment leather, decoration, garments, building decoration, packing and so on. Applicable materials: color board, plexiglass, glass, acrylic, wood, leather, cloth, marble, bamboo, paper, rubber, plastic Etc.

 HL ZXP 1060L 130W Laser Cutter/Engraver Machine Parameter
Total power <300W
Laser power maximum value 130W 
Laser type CO2 laser engraving machine
Laser tube working time 7000-10000 hour
Power supply AC 220V/110V
Working area 600*1000 mm
Engraving depth 0-10 mm (different material differ)
Cutting depth 0-15 mm (different material differ)
Engraving speed 0-600mm/s
Cutting speed 0-600mm/s
Lifting platform 0-450 mm Honeycomb Worktable
Locating precision <0.02 mm
Min shaping character Character: 2*2mm, Letter: 1*1mm
Working temperature 5℃-45℃
Working humidity 5%-95%
Resolution ratio ≤1000dpi
Data transfer interface USB 2.0
Cooling Water Cooling and protection system with chiller
Graphic Format Supported (BMP,JPEG,PLT,CDR,AI,)TIFF,PCX,DIB,TIF
Work software CorelLASER/LaserDRW
Drawing software CorelDrawX4/x6 / Does not support CorelDrawX8
Protection Emergency stop buttom and Stop working when water broken
Machine Dimensions  179*95*83CM
Machine Package Wooden box with foam inside
Package Dimension 179*95*83CM
Gross weight 265KG
Package weight 467KG (Counted by volumetric weight)
CW-5000 Chiller Package Carton box with foam inside
Package dimension 67*53*45
Gross weight 20KG
Package weight 27KG (Counted by volumetric weight)

130W laser-3

In order to Satisfy with the require of more customers.we update our laser engrave machine all the time.this is the newset update laser engrave machine with 130W laser tube.
It has three Features:
1.the laser tube is 130W Power.the cutting effect is better than 100W.the 100W which sold on the market is good at engraving.and the effect isn’t good if cutting wood and hard material.but the 130W can do. and the effect is better.

2. For new 130W Laser, Its lifting platform is 0-450mm, while 100W lifting platform only 0-250mm. New 130W laser will be better.
3. The 130W laser tube with the CW-5000W Chiller.but the 100W just with CW-3000W Chiller.the power of the Chiller is bigger then the cooling is better.it can avoid the laser tube burnt.


Machine picture

130W laser

130W laser-2
130W laser-6
130W laser-4
130W laser-10

Fanny Kong

Hello, I am Fanny Kong. I am very happy to serve you.

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2019 New Launch ARFCNC 6040E Ethernet Mach3 CNC Engraving Machine cutting with confidence

Below is more information about this machine,please click to download

1. ARFCNC 6040E Instruction Manual(click to download)

2. MKX-Ethernet Motion Card Driver

3. Macros To Use

4. ARFCNC 6040E Mach3 Profile

5. XHC-WHB04BX 4 Axis handwheel driver v3.84

Mach3 software & drivers installment

ARFCNC 6040E overall introduction

2019 ARFCNC 6040E T6061 aluminum milling sample

Highlight: Metal cutting with cutting fluid generate better effect than nothing.

ARFCNC 6040E Brass Milling sample

ARFCNC 2 Axis/3 Axis Machining Process

This process gives some ideas using ARFCNC brand CNC from first time. It also may help to judge if worth to invest before purchasing.

First of all, we need to assemble machine table with gantry. Then connect below sockets on back of control box.

  1. X/Y/Z Axis
  2. Spindle Motor
  3. Auto Z tool
  4. Home/Limit Switch
  5. Power cable
  6. USB cable or Ethernet cable(it depends)
  7. Others if any

Secondly, install Mach3 software and drivers. See details.

Thirdly, Turn on power button and Launch Mach3 Mill, Press” Reset” till green frame around.

Forthly, you will need a few things to do in below tabs in Mach3 Mill before starting a job.

  1. Diagnostics (Alt-7)
  2. Program Run(Alt-1)
  3. Offset (Alt-5)
  4. Tool Path(Alt-4)

1.Diagnostics (Alt-7) to verify all parts works great and signal response correctly.
a.M1/M2/M3 home for X/Y/Z axis
b.Digitize for Auto Z tool
c.Emergency for E-stop
d.Output1 for Spindle Motor(If Output1 blinks,but spindle NOT run, please check VFD setting)

2.Program Run(Alt-1)
a.REF ALL HOME to locate Machine Zero
b.Turn on Soft limits to define working envelope (different machine has different limit setting)
c.Move Spindle on top of work piece
d.Auto Tool Zero to define Z Axis zero(please read ARFCNC manual before do it)
e.Move X/Y Axis to Work Zero(according to G code file)
f.In Workpiece Coordinate’s, Zero X and Y.
g.Load G code

3.Offset (Alt-5)
a.Save current Work Offset to either coordinates G55 till G59
b.In next time, just active corresponding coordiates directly.

4.Tool Path(Alt-4)
a.Regen. Toolpath and see X/Y/Z Axis range if exceed workpiece size.
b.Cycle Start(Alt-R) if all ok

ALL IN ALL, CNC machine sometimes is dangerous, please wear adequate protection before get down to it. Once there is an issue, press E-stop immediately!!!

ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box review

In  this post, I am going to tell more about control box of ARFCNC 6090.


1, ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box structure

6090 control box


a. Physical cable connection method

control box connection

b. Spindle socket connection method

spindle connection


2. ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 USB Control box Schematic

ARFCNC 220V control box electrical diagram


3. XHC Mach3 USB Motion Control Card Schematic

XHC motion card

Nowforever E100 VFD wiring diagram

XHC motion card VFD connection.jpg

Diagnostics(Alt-7) in Mach3

XHC motion card led

4. Stepper driver Input&Output Voltage Terminals breakdown

a. Red/Black Input 24VDC:  GND and Vdc terminal can NOT be reversed. Otherwise, stepper driver will be burned.

stepper output

b. How to measure Stepper driver Input Voltage?

stepper driver check-1

c. How to measure Stepper driver Output Voltage?

stepper driver output voltage

5. How to Measure Power Supply ?




1.How to verify Mach3 XHC USB Motion controller input signals?

A: The simple way is to use jumper wire below to short curcuit 0V and input pins(X-home, Y-home,Z-home,Probe, E-stop)

Will it lid corresponding led in Alt-7 tab(Mach3)?

verify XHC controller inputs signals


2. The spindle can NOT turn on and VFD panel show error code.

A:Please follow below steps to check spindle and belongings.

1) VFD

without spindle cable connected, what does VFD panel show? still error code?
2) Spindle cable

a.Measure point 1,2,3 from connector of two side, is it connected?

b.Check physical connection as above(point 1)
3) Spindle

a.Spindle good shape no deform?

b.Spindle generate sound eg. chirp or just no response/no any sound?

c. Is it hold down bracket too tight? loosen it a bit.

4) Control box internal connection
a. U/V/W terminal(VFD side) loosen?
b. spindle socket(control box side) bad connection? (see attached) use multi-meter

control box cable-2

3. My machine has photocell sensors, but it won’t stop machine. What is the problem?


1.Please firstly make sure Mach3 motion card is good working in question 1.

2.With multi-meter on your hand, measure photocell sensor(NPN) voltage as below.

lines of photocell sensor

brown(red) line is 24VDC+

blue line is VDC-

black line is singal

Multi-meter side

switch to 200VDC gear

Red probe for voltage and Black probe for COM

Mach3 motion card side

Red probe for 24VDC and Blace one for Z home(or X/Y home)

Multi-meter readout

photocell NOT lit up  it is 0.05 or something very small

photocell lit up  it is 23.9 or something close to 24V


how to measure photo cell limit switch

How to align laser Mirrors for HL laser engraving and cutter machine


In this post, I will introduce Laser Mirrors briefly and demo how to align laser Mirrors.


Laser Mirrors

Mirror A/B/C. Diameter 20mm,

Focus lenes. Focal length 63.5mm



laser path principle


The Mirrors I named as “A”, “B”, “C” depends on distance to Reci laser tube. Below, I make 3 tutorial videos how to align laser Mirrors for HL laser engraving and cutter machine.

This method suitable for all HL laser machine equiped with Reci W2,W4, and W6, W8 CO2 laser tube.

Part A. Align Mirror A

Part B. Align Mirror B

Part C. Align Mirror C


Chinese Commercial ARF CNC 6090 Wood Router Engraving Machine XHC USB Motion Controller Mach3 download

This post summerize required software&addon for download.

  1. NcUsbPod.dll – XHC USB Motion Controller Driver v2.38.8
  2. M930.m1s – Script for Auto Tool Checker
  3. Mach3Mill.xml – Mach3 Parameter Profile

Chinese benchtop ARFCNC 6090 Commercial CNC Wood Router setup

To start a cutting/engraving, you will need

  1. CAD Software(Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino…)
  2. CAM Software(Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric/…)
  3. Machine Controller Software(Mach3 from Artsoft)

The control box include Chinese XHC USB motion controller. It support Mach3 Machine Controller Software. Below section, I will introduce it in very detail level.

Section 1. Mach3 installment and XHC USB motion controller setup

Section 2. After software and plugin installed, we will set machine coordinates and softlimits. Mach3 homing process is helpful to define machine origins.

Section 3. In CNC machine table, for example 6090, you may get max. 870mmx570mm working area. In case, you have different fixture attached to this table and make small production. Workpiece coordinates you will need. Mach3 has G54,G55,G56 and support till G59 workpiece coordinates atmost. This video will show how to set and use workpiece coordinates.

Section 4. In most of case, the job engraving from material surface. With auto Z, it is very easy to locate material surface.

Section 5. Thourgh above steps, we have finished software, Motor control, Auto Z. On next step, we will test spindle from machine control box. This video will show you how to turn on VFD and control spindle in Mach3.

Demo machine: ARF benchtop CNC 6090 wood router

Sample materials engraving/cutting

1. Artwork on MDF board

Size: 600mmx900mmx25mm

Engraving bits:

6mm 3 flute endmill,3mm 3 flute endmill,1mm 3 flute endmill

Depth: 6mm, Feedrate: 1000mm/min,Spindle speed: 12000RPM

Time: about 30mins

Machine control software Mach3


1. REF ALL Home position

2. Auto Z to position material surface

3. open G code file

4. Zero X/Y axis based on workpiece Coord’s and Regen tool path

5. Launch G code

6. Repeat No.4 and change bits twice



Where to download Machine Controller Software and its addons? Pleae click here to download.



1. What materials can be engravered by this machine?

A: It can engrave wood/Acrylic/PCB/MDF occasionaly soft metal( copper,brass,aluminum,engrave 0.1mm per cut at speed 100mm/min) require NO strict accuracy(0.3mm-0.5mm accuracy)

2. What is chuck size of the 4th-axis?

A: The clamping diameter of 4th-axis is 80mm

3. What CAD/CAM can use?

A: CAD Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino
CAM Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric

4. What machine control software required by this machine?

A: Mach3 only

5. Does this machine support Mach4

A: No, This machine use special USB motion controller designed for Mach3. It didn’t support Mach4

6. What OS system support Mach3?

A: USB: Windows 7 32-bit system ,it didn’t support Windows 10

7. What difference between Mach3 USB and parallel?

A: 1.Mach3 USB can support windows 7 32 bits,and the spinde controlled by Mach3. 2.Parallel just support windows XP and the spindle controlled by VFD

8. What are the script for?

A: They are used with handwheel together.
1. M930.m1s is the probez file.You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy;
2. M999.m1s is the ref all home file.You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy;
3. M933 is go to zero work macro,You should copy the it to Mach3\macros\Mach3Mill directroy

9. What is the handwheel model?

A: HB04Bx

10. How do I do my spindle work in wrong direction?

A: In control box, VFD panel, there is button call “Dir”, press once to change spindle direction.

11. Why spindle didn’t run when I start g-code?

A: In control box, VFD panel, there is button call “Run”, press once to start spindle6090 USB 控制箱-3


12. What do I do my Z axis go go in opposite position?

A: Please modify parameter in Mach3. Path config–>ports&pins–>Motor outputs–> find Z axis(if dir lowactive tab is checked, then uncheck. vice versa.


13. What is recommend settings to cut?

A: soft material we set 1000mm/min, hard material 200-500, plunge would be 1/3rd of above

14. Starting value is correct and when I increase the number manually, the spindle increases the speed. But when I want to lower the speed, nothing happens. What should I do?


As test, I try below command

M3(spindle run)
M5(spindle stop)

Please kindly take a video and show what responses.

15. Can the water pump start automatically when the spindle starts?

A: Please control water pump manually, avoid wrong g-code damage spindle.

16. Can I control spindle through Mach3?


Yes,please set VFD value like below
P0-000 value 1(start/stop spindle by Mach3)
P0-002 value 2(speed control by Mach3)
After that, spindle control hand over to Mach3 instead VFD panel. “RUN” CAN NOT lit up manually. Lights are all off.

led(LOCAL) turn off
led(TRIP) turn off
led(RUN) turn off
led(dir) turn off

17. My Spindle didn’t turn on while machine setting is correct. What is the problem?

Answer: Please check hardware connectivity step by step.

a. Please check spindle to cable connection(If pin 1 to pin 1,till pin4)

b. Measure Spindle cable connectivity status.(If pin 1 to pin 1 good or failure, till pin 4)


c. Measure Spindle socket connectivity status.(by multi-meter)

Pin 1(U) to Pin 2(V) good or failure

Pin2(U) to Pin 3(W) good or failure

Pin3(W) to Pin1(U) good or failure


d. VFD check

  1. Multi-meter to check VFD input power voltage
  2. Put VFD at 50Hz and measure AC voltage between U,V,W(multi-meter at 500V AC)


BEIJING JCZ Laser Marking Control board EZCAD 2.0 software& driver

Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. , mainly focused on the development of laser control system. The company introduced laser marking control system, fly marking control system, rotary marking control system, biaxial parquet marking control system according to the characteristics of laser processing, the common configuration of domestic laser equipment and the common problems in laser processing. Mirror engraving control system; laser cutting control system; laser camera, cutting system; laser camera, marking control system; laser welding control system; dynamic focus control system.

Below are the required elements to run laser marking machine from computer.

HLJ laser HL-1060D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP Laser Engraving Machine guide

In this post, I will show you step by step how to setup HanLaser HL-1060 D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP 100w laser engraving machine and pilot run test cut.

Step 1. Unboxing and assemble laser cutter

Step 2. Setup connections physically HL-1060 100w laser engraving machine.

Step 3. HanLaser HL-1060 DSP laser engraving machine RDwrok&USB driver installment

Step 4. DSP laser engraving machine multi-task pilot run

Optional accessories

1. Wifi Module(Smartphone APP control)

2. Wireless Handwheel

Where to download Ruida RDS6442G Manual&RDWorks Software? Please click here to download.



1. Q: Images in RDworks that are not mirrored or flipped but when I laser them they are all lasered Mirrored or flipped. How to engrave as not mirrored?

A: This is related to origin point of laser head defined when install RDworks. Left-Top/Right Top…… Path: Config/System setting , check/uncheck  Axis X Mirror

RW8 not mirror image

HandLaser HL-1060L 130W RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP Laser Engraving Machine guide

In this post, I will show you step by step how to setup HanLaser HL-1060L RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP 130W laser engraving machine and pilot run test cut.

Step 1. Unboxing and assemble laser cutter (This is a LIHUIYU Control system machine install video,But it’s basically the same install way as an RDWorks Control system machine)

Step 2. HanLaser HL-1060 DSP laser engraving machine RDwrok&USB driver installment.


Step 3. DSP laser engraving machine multi-task pilot run,If you buy the machine include auto focus, you don’t need the focus by manually.

Step 4. the machine work video.