Find Assistance with CorelDRAW Software

Need help with CorelDraw? Check out some of the great sites below where you can find your questions answered. Talk to other Corel users or follow a step-by-step tutorial to create new and unique projects. Official site of CorelDRAW. Graphics Unleashed Formed in 1993 to support CorelDRAW Unleashed books, Unleashed Productions specializes in educating users about graphics products and the World Wide Web. Here you can find books, tutorials, discussions and more that will help you get the most from your software. Association of CorelDRAW Professionals ACDRP was founded to provide… Read More

The advantages of HL-1060 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Machine Ruida DSP System&Auto Focus&400MM Lifting platform

2017 New launch XB-1060 DSP 100W laser RDworks off-line with high-speed High configuration board.The use of high-tech control system,Imported lens and reflector system. Use USB 2.0 off-line .It supports CAD and RDworks and CoreldRAW software ,variety of software typesetting engraving and cutting.With lifting platform.Using professional high quality laser power supply and C02 laser tube. The advantages of High-speed offline board configuration :1. It supports RDworks and CoreldRAW and CAD software to engrave and cut.     2. The Engraving and cutting color separation work at the same time.   3. The different colors can be… Read More

HL-1060 130W laser engrave machine connection guide and test the laser

This machine is our new model.the laser tube power is Reci 130W,the working area is 1000*600MM.Lifting platform is 0-400MM.and it is better to do can cut 15/20/25mm deepth Acrylic and 15mm MDF/Plywood .if you are interested it it.please contact me by skype: tinalongping1 whatsapp: +86 13424190581 or The below video is very please have a look before you assembly the  machine and chiller.if you  connect the chiller with the machine wrong.then there isn’t laser from the  laser tube. The machine in the video is our 1060 130W.We just use… Read More

RECI 100W HL-YQ1060 Laser Engraver Intruduction Ruida DSP System&Auto Focus&400MM Lifting platform

  • NEW! Features 1 material “400MM Lifting Platform” points for greater material processing • NEW! Auto Focus function automatically calibrates the distance between the material and laser for optimum focus • NEW! Inline Beam Combiner precisely illuminates a red dot over the material for improved accuracy and alignment • NEW!Emergency Stop Buttorm • NEW!A limit switch let it can only work when the cover is closed • Illuminated LCD panel for automated laser head control • Motorized Z-Table lowers for larger materials • Water Chiller w/pump CW-3000 keeps water flowing thru CO2 Tube at ambient temperature • Adjustable Speed… Read More

HL-1060L Rate 130W Peak 160W Reci W6 Wood Laser Engraving Machine For 15mm MDF/Plywood Cutting

2017 New Model HL-1060L Reci 130W CO2 Laser Cutter 450MM Lifting platform Applicable Industry: The 130W wood laser engraving cutter machine apply to Advertisement,arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholster,computerized embroidery and clipping,packaging and paper industry.  About RECI W6 Laser TUBE Rate:130w Peak:160w   The HL-1060L Reci 130W CO2 Laser Cutter has three features: 1.The 130W laser tube is more powerful.It’s cutting effect is better than 100W laser tube. The 100W Laser machine in the market is good at engraving,however it’s cutting effect isn’t very good if you want to cut wood… Read More

DSP 1060 100W engrave/cut cardboard and the product very beautifully

This machine with DSP system ,it is different with the Non-DSP.It needn’t to be connect with PC. and can accept multiple colors that define independent speed/power settings within 1 file.and can engrave and cut in the same file.but the Non-DSP can’t do .it have to contact with the PC.and it can’t engrave or cut at the same time.   Outstanding features Working ares: 600x1000mm New DSP controller box 17HW4410H Step motor Industrial level laser head Light system: Light system Colour: bule and white Larger Size, 600*1000mm working area. Lifting platform is electric… Read More

HL-1060L 130W DIY CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine for 25mm Acrylic Cutting

Reci 130W Co2 Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutter Engraver 1000 x 600 mm USB port   The laser tube is 130W Power.the cutting effect is better than 100W.the 100W which sold on the market is good at engraving.and the effect isn’t good if cutting wood and hard material.but the 130W can do. and the effect is better.   Machine Features • Reci 130W laser tube • Working area: 1000*600 mm • Its lifting platform is 0-450mm • Red dot point, realize the exact position. ensure the working precision • Singapore lens and… Read More

HL-1060L 130W Co2 laser cutting machine cut 20mm acrylic,ss/thick acrylic cutter machine

High quality HL-1060L 130W acrylic or MDF laser cutting machine Product details Laser power 130w Laser tube Sealed CO2 reci Glass Tube Name laser engraving machine Function engraving/cutting Software Corellaser Type USB Worktable honeycomb Up and down work table 450mm (Electric Up and down adjustable) Cutting Depth (Acrylic) 0-25mm (acrylic) Operation System Windows 7/Win8/XP/Win10 Product Keywords acrylic or MDF laser cutting machine,plywood making machine /bamboo plywood machine,plywood laser cutting machine supplier   Product: 130W Laser Engraver Machine Model: HL-1060L 130W Cutting material: Acrylic Cutting thickness: 20mm Cutting speed: 1mm/s Cutting power: 99%… Read More

HL-1060 100W Laser Engraving Machine For coconut Engrave And Cutting

HL-1060 Reci C02 100W laser engrave machine   This is a Reci 100W Laser Engraver / cuttting machine with 1000mm * 600mm working area size. It can be applicated for leater, acrtlic, plywood, MDF wood, Non-woven, Acrylic,plastic,and spongy-fabric with dirrerent laser power and speed.   Feature 1. Adjustable Speed and Power, Smooth and Precise Engraving and Cutting 2. USB Interface 3. Rotary Axis, Engrave any cylindrical object. 4. Water CW-3000 Cooling and Protection System with a chiller. With jam-proof heat exchanger, water flow detection alarm, over temperature alarm. 5. Laser position. 6…. Read More

The parameters setting for 130W laser engraver cutting machine

When using the laser cut machine, you should change the laser power and speed parameters acording to different materials. You can refer to below instuction, but please be noted that below mentioned setting can be adjusted basing on real effect.   Cutting materials Laser power Laser speed Cutting thickness(mm) Leather(pu) 65 % 3—4m/min 1mm   65% 2—3m/min 2mm   65% 1—1.5m/min 3mm acrylic 65—70% 3m-4m/min 1mm   65%-70% 1.5mm-2mm 3mm   65%-70% 0.3m/min 10mm   65%-80% 0.1m/min 15mm plywood 65%-70% 0.5-0.8m/min 5mm   65%-70% 0.2-0.3m/min 10mm MDF wood 65%-80% 0.5-1.5m/min 6mm  … Read More