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HL Laser 1060S 80W CO2 Laser Engraving Plywood


CO2 laser cutting uses a focus lens to gather CO2 laser beams on the material surface for melting them. At the same time, the coaxial compressed gas blows away the materials melt, making laser beams and materials do relative motions along a certain path and forming a certain shape of cutting seam.

Laser wood engraving is one of the most popular and in -demand processes in the laser cutting community. at HL laser,we understand that using a laser wood engraver effectively is a foundational skill for enthusiasts and professional wood engravers alike. that's why we're laser-focused on providing expert knowledge and advice- to teach you how to engrave wood with beautifu results. Wood is an attractive material to laser cut or engrave due to good surface discoloration as well as the increased depth compared to other materials.


– office and door signs
– indoor and outdoor signage
– laminate nameplates
– dog tags
– display labels
– name plates
– badges and plaques
– announcement displays
– warning signs
– custom wooden
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