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Introduction of RECI Laser Tube W series

Would you like to know more information about Reci CO2 laser tube W series?

Here is the brief introduction of  the it. From this page, you can know the development of Reci CO2 laser tube, the product features and product application.
Reci W series laser CO2 laser tube has three generations after more than ten years of development, is achieved qualitative leaps.
First genaration: Stick the metal end with the lens to the glass nozzle directly, and cool the light-emitting lens with water.
Second genaration: Added adjustable screws to the two metal ends of the laser tube to improve the installation accuracy.
By this way, it can increase product qualification rate and output mode level.
Third genaration: In order to ensure the extremely high stability of the metal end structure .
Remove adjustment screws at both ends , instead, use the direct sintering process of metal end and glass.

Reci W series Models

1. W2 rated 90w, Max 100w
2. W4 rated 100w, Max 110w
3. W6 rated 130w, Max 140w
4. W8 rated 150w, Max 160w

RECI CO2 Laser tube W series product features

  1. The beam quality is above 95% TEM00 mode
  2. The optical resonant cavity can enhance product power
  3. Using the radioactive material coated lenses
  4. Laser tube metal head and glass direct sintering process, by this way, it can improve the stability of the metal end structure.

How to choose focus lens

The most common focus lens using on HL CO2 laser machine are 1.5inch(38.1mm),2inch(50.8mm) and 2.5inch(63.5mm).This refer to the distance between lens and the surface of materials.

And the standard diameter is 20mm.
It is important that you choose the correct focus lens for your job.
If you don’t know how to choose focus lens, here are some brift tips for your reference.For more details, please contact us for help.

1.5-inch laser focus lens: It is most suitable for thin materials and details engraving.
2-inch laser focus lens: Balance between engraving and cutting, consider the details, depth and resolusion.
2.5-inch laser focus lens: Overall performance is similar to 2-inch lens. Support auto-focus function. If you are going to process heat-sensitive material, this will be the correct choice.

Product Application

What is the apllication of Reci CO2 laser tube?

It is suitable for Non-metallic cutting, marking and carving.
If you plan to make business of crafts,lamps industries,footwear,apparel,advertising and signage etc. industries,the Reci CO2 laser tube will be a good choice.


Purchased CO2 laser machine from HL laser, we provide 12 months warranty for Reci tube.

Warranty include
1. Quality problem cause gas leak
2. Beam quality problem


1. Always cap high voltage side with supplied red cap
2. Always make sure working current below 23mA to extend Laser tube service life
2. Keep 4mA output for engraving with better results

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