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Laser Machine Maintenance

What is the importance of laser machine maintenanceļ¼Ÿ

Through regular maintenance on laser machine, you can reduce machine downtime, ensure that the machine always compliant to standards, and keep you safe. So it is very important that you maintain your laser machine regularly.

Reduce Machine Downtime

Machine downtime is hidden cost to business financially. Because the failure of machine will impact production efficiency, it will reduced output of final product.
In order to reduce machine downtime, improve production efficiency, you should maintain your laser machine timely.

Compliant to Standard

The HL CO2 laser machine contains many motion parts, sensor parts and optical parts. To coordinate all parts working together well, you need to keep your machine always compliant to standard. Please take maintenance of equipment as regular activity. Please clean,inspect and maintain your laser machine per timeline of periodic maintenance.

Keep You Safe

In the use of the machine, safety is the most important.
Using the laser machine to cut and engrave, no matter if you use exhaust fan or blower at the same time,it is very easy to have debris, blockages and accumulated dirt attached to machinery. If there is too much attach in the laser machine, it will cause equipment failure. If your workshop is with heavy humidity, metal components may be rusted. It also have risk to cause equipment failure. Because of the equipment failure, there is risk of injury. With maintenance, fault with machine can be detected beforehand, repair can be carried out in timely manner. Regular laser machine maintenance can avoid people injury or even worse death. The most important is that, keep you and the people work with you safe.Ā 


What is the timeline of laser machine maintenance?

The HL CO2 laser machine was composed of many components like control board, power supply, stepper driver,motors, laser tube, sensors, switches, filters, wires.
Normally, we categorize the parts into different categories by the frequency of maintenance.Ā 


  • Autofocus
  • Open lid switch


  • X/Y Axis guide


  • Z axis lifting table
  • E-stop
  • Laser switch

As needed

  • Mirror
  • Lens
  • X/Y Axis bel
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