iDGSP UV Printer 3035 Wood Acrylic Aluminum and Other Surfacing Printing
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iDGSP UV Printer 3035 Wood Acrylic Aluminum and Other Surfacing Printing



iDGSP UV Printer 3035 provide good printing result on wood, acrylic, aluminum,metal and other flat surfacing

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Product Application

1; UV flatbed printer, also known as universal flatbed printer or UV inkjet flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneckof digital printing technology and reach the level of staring with single page without plate-making and full-color image printing at one time in the true sense. Compared with traditional printing technology,it has many advantages.
2; UV flatbed printer adopts stable platform technology and advanced stepper motor drive mode. It has a wide print range and can print products within 120mm height. Our UV inkjet printer can be printed with almost unlimited material.
 For example mobile phone case, stone cameo, acrylic board, wallet, customized steel film, wallpaper, ceramic tile,U disk, CD-ROM, glass, ABS, PVC etc. 


Product Show


Product Features


Working Software

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 75 × 46 × 50 cm

Packing List

3035 UV Printer x 1
FPC cable x 1 set
Grating decoder x 1
X/Y axis limit switch x 1 set
Ink bottle x 1 set
UV ink x 5 (ship separately from China)
Printheads station x 1
Rubber scraper x 1
Grating ruler x 1
Ink sac x 6
Syringe x 5
Swab x 10
Clean cloth x 10



Setup Process

1. iDGSP UV Printer Setup Unboxing 01

2. iDGSP UV Printer Setup Unboxing 02

3. iDGSP UV Printer Steup for Software

4. iDGSP UV Printer Setup for Power on

5. iDGSP UV Printer Setup for Start to Work

RIP Process

1. How to create shape in CorelDraw

2. How to create spot channel in PhotoShop

3. Ultraprint setup and replace curve

4. Ultraprint export PRN file

Demo Video

1. How to Make Custom Stainless steel Coaster by IDGSP 3035 UV Printers(Need Prime)

2. How to Make Custom Acrylic Wedding Invitation Using iDGSP UV Printer

3. How to Make Star Map(Aluminum) Using iDGSP UV Printer(Need Prime)

4. How to Make Custom Lighters Using iDGSP 3035 UV Printer

5. How to Print Image on Wood of iDGSP 3035 UV Printer Wood Decoration

6. How to Make Cstom Pone Cses IDGSP 3035 UV Printers

7. iDGSP 3035 UV Printer Prints on Glass- Wine bottle(Need Prime)

8. iDGSP 3035 UV Printer Print Image On Ceramic Tile (Need Prime)

iDGSP UV Printer Manual

  1. iDGSP UV printer manual
  2. UV printer printhead assembly and maintenance
  3. PrintExp User Manual
  4. Ultraprint manual


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