DSP 1060 100W engrave/cut cardboard and the product very beautifully

This machine with DSP system ,it is different with the Non-DSP.It needn’t to be connect with PC. and can accept multiple colors that define independent speed/power settings within 1 file.and can engrave and cut in the same file.but the Non-DSP can’t do .it have to contact with the PC.and it can’t engrave or cut at the same time.   Outstanding features Working ares: 600x1000mm New DSP controller box 17HW4410H Step motor Industrial level laser head Light system: Light system Colour: bule and white Larger Size, 600*1000mm working area. Lifting platform is electric… Read More

HL-1060L 130W DIY CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine for 25mm Acrylic Cutting

Reci 130W Co2 Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutter Engraver 1000 x 600 mm USB port   The laser tube is 130W Power.the cutting effect is better than 100W.the 100W which sold on the market is good at engraving.and the effect isn’t good if cutting wood and hard material.but the 130W can do. and the effect is better.   Machine Features • Reci 130W laser tube • Working area: 1000*600 mm • Its lifting platform is 0-450mm • Red dot point, realize the exact position. ensure the working precision • Singapore lens and… Read More

HL-1060L 130W laser cutting engrave Machine for cutter acrylic letters

HL-1060L 130W Laser Engraving Machine New Model 130W Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine. The machine is a kind of Laser Engraving Machine System equipped with CO2 RECI laser Tube, it is used to engrave on wood, bamboo, plexiglass, crystal, leather, rubber, marble, ceramics and glass and etc. It is most suitable and the preferred choice of equipments in industries such as advertisement, gifts, shoes,toys and etc. It supports multiple graphic formats, such as (BMP,JPEG,PLT,CDR,AI,) TIFF,PCX,DIB,TIF,and so on. Product: 130W Laser Engraver Machine Model: HL-1060L 130W Cutting material: Acrylic / PMMA Cutting thickness:… Read More

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