DSP 1060 100W engrave/cut cardboard and the product very beautifully

This machine with DSP system ,it is different with the Non-DSP.It needn’t to be connect with PC. and can accept multiple colors that define independent speed/power settings within 1 file.and can engrave and cut in the same file.but the Non-DSP can’t do .it have to contact with the PC.and it can’t engrave or cut at the same time.   Outstanding features Working ares: 600x1000mm New DSP controller box 17HW4410H Step motor Industrial level laser head Light system: Light system Colour: bule and white Larger Size, 600*1000mm working area. Lifting platform is electric… Read More

Color separation working of DSP system 100w laser Cutter engraving machine

2017 New launch DSP Controller XB-1060 100W CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine