HL-1060 130W laser engrave machine connection guide and test the laser

This machine is our new model.the laser tube power is Reci 130W,the working area is 1000*600MM.Lifting platform is 0-400MM.and it is better to do cut.it can cut 15/20/25mm deepth Acrylic and 15mm MDF/Plywood .if you are interested it it.please contact me by skype: tinalongping1 whatsapp: +86 13424190581 or email:2850145912@qq.com The below video is very important.so please have a look before you assembly the  machine and chiller.if you  connect the chiller with the machine wrong.then there isn’t laser from the  laser tube. The machine in the video is our 1060 130W.We just use… Read More

RECI 100W HL-YQ1060 Laser Engraver Intruduction Ruida DSP System&Auto Focus&400MM Lifting platform

  • NEW! Features 1 material “400MM Lifting Platform” points for greater material processing • NEW! Auto Focus function automatically calibrates the distance between the material and laser for optimum focus • NEW! Inline Beam Combiner precisely illuminates a red dot over the material for improved accuracy and alignment • NEW!Emergency Stop Buttorm • NEW!A limit switch let it can only work when the cover is closed • Illuminated LCD panel for automated laser head control • Motorized Z-Table lowers for larger materials • Water Chiller w/pump CW-3000 keeps water flowing thru CO2 Tube at ambient temperature • Adjustable Speed… Read More

DSP 1060 100W engrave/cut cardboard and the product very beautifully

This machine with DSP system ,it is different with the Non-DSP.It needn’t to be connect with PC. and can accept multiple colors that define independent speed/power settings within 1 file.and can engrave and cut in the same file.but the Non-DSP can’t do .it have to contact with the PC.and it can’t engrave or cut at the same time.   Outstanding features Working ares: 600x1000mm New DSP controller box 17HW4410H Step motor Industrial level laser head Light system: Light system Colour: bule and white Larger Size, 600*1000mm working area. Lifting platform is electric… Read More

HL-ZXP1060 100W C02 Laser Cutter Engraving Machine With Auto-Focusing

HL-ZXP1060L 130W CO2 Laser Cutting Engraver Machine

In March 2017 latest  launch HL ZXP 1060L 130W CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine The Reci 130W laser engraving range: advertising logo signs, craft gifts, crystal jewelry, paper-cut process, bamboo carving process. Printing and plate making, garment leather, decoration, garments, building decoration, packing and so on. Applicable materials: color board, plexiglass, glass, acrylic, wood, leather, cloth, marble, bamboo, paper, rubber, plastic Etc.  HL ZXP 1060L 130W Laser Cutter/Engraver Machine Parameter Total power <300W Laser power maximum value 130W  Laser type CO2 laser engraving machine Laser tube working time 7000-10000 hour Power supply AC 220V/110V Working area 600*1000 mm Engraving depth 0-10 mm (different material differ) Cutting depth 0-15 mm (different material differ) Engraving speed 0-600mm/s Cutting speed 0-600mm/s Lifting platform 0-450 mm Honeycomb Worktable Locating precision <0.02 mm Min shaping character… Read More