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BEIJING JCZ Laser Marking Control board EZCAD 2.0 software& driver

Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. , mainly focused on the development of laser control system. The company introduced laser marking control system, fly marking control system, rotary marking control system, biaxial parquet marking control system according to the characteristics of laser processing, the common configuration of domestic laser equipment and the common problems in laser processing. Mirror engraving control system; laser cutting control system; laser camera, cutting system; laser camera, marking control system; laser welding control system; dynamic focus control system.

Below are the required elements to run laser marking machine from computer.

  1. JCZ USB laser marking control board driver
  2. JCZ LMCV2 fiber-M control board driver for windows10 64bit
  3. EZCAD2 laser marking software manual
  4. HLJ Fiber Laser Marking Machine Manual
  5. Rotary attachment Manual
  6. Fiber laser test file- find best combination for your material

Click and download optimised EZCAD2 software

HL 30W JPT LP MOPA Fiber laser
HL 50W JPT LP MOPA Fiber laser
HL 60W/100W JPT M7 MOPA Fiber laser
HL 30W MAX Q Switch Fiber laser
HL 50W MAX Q Switch Fiber laser
HL 50W MAX Q Switch Fiber laser

Highlight, If you are using Lightburn for Galvo, please ask customer service for support. EZCAD2 “markcfg7” NOT 100% right for Lightburn. 


  1. how get requires a software security device sometimes known as a ‘dongle’ I can´t work, thak you for you help

    1. which machine that ask dongle? I am confused about the message.

  2. how to install the dongle driver for Windows 10 64bits?

  3. montaser alwawi

    i have always dongle not found error, can u please help me.

  4. David Prell

    I am continuing to have problems configuring and getting Lightburn to work. My rotary device is not operating at all, not in EZ Cad or Lightburn.

    1. Hi, Please don’t worry. Angel will contact you for support. If teamviewer is preferred, we can arrange that. Thanks.

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