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Acrylic Decoration Cutting of HL Laser 1060D 100W CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Our HL laser cutter use co2 laser tube, it is suitable for dealing with acrylic. Using our HL 100W laser cutting machine, you can cut the acrylic, you can engrave photos and images on acrylic, and you also can mark on acrylic.

Comparing to the traditional methods, using a co2 laser cutter to deal with acrylic has many advantages like, fast cutting speed, non-contact cutting engraving process, clean edge (no need polish), easy operation, low cost even cutting a small amount of job.

Many customers use our co2 laser cutting machine for cutting acrylic letters, acrylic display rack, acrylic photo frame and many other Acrylic products. Besides, acrylic engraving is also a common use for our laser engraving machine. It is usually used for engraving letters and logos on acrylic objects.

In addition, the quality of the acrylic itself will also have an impact on the effect of engraving and is suggested to use good quality acrylic to achieve good result. Also, the power and the cutting speed affect the cutting quality a lot too.

ParameterWorking sizeSpeedMax powerMin powerInterval
8.1(L) x 6.9″(W)200mm/s

Please download this acrylic test file by click the icon on the left. This file need to be opened by RDWorks V8.01.60

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