HL Laser JPT MOPA M7 Series 80W 100W Fiber Laser Marking Source for Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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HL Laser JPT MOPA M7 Series 80W 100W Fiber Laser Marking Source for Fiber Laser Marking Machine




  • Scribing, Drilling
  • Marking on fly
  • Sheet metal cutting,Welding
  • Laser derusting
  • Surface treatment
  • Metal surface processing, Peeling coating


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The JPT pulsed fiber laser adopts the MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) structure, where the main oscillation uses a semiconductor laser as the seed source, and the power amplification is achieved through a traveling wave fiber amplifier. This MOPA fiber laser has the characteristics of independently adjustable pulse width and frequency. It can maintain a high and stable peak power output even when the pulse width and frequency are changed. It is suitable for industrial laser marking, precision processing and other applications. Provides an ideal light source.
This type of fiber laser is pumped by fiber coupled output semiconductor laser, which has higher energy conversion efficiency; and the laser adopts an air-cooled system, the heat dissipation structure is more compact, the volume is smaller, and it is more portable; and the integrated all-fiber design , So that the system is free of maintenance and convenient for customers to use.
This type of fiber laser uses 48VDC power supply and adopts standard DB25 interface mode, which has good compatibility. Compared with similar products, JPT pulsed fiber laser can adjust the pulse width and frequency within a certain range, and can maintain a stable high peak power output, which is particularly advantageous in high-speed marking applications.


Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 66 × 48 × 35 cm

Packing List

  1.  Fiber Laser Source *1
  2. Power Cable x 1
  3. Dust Cap for Laser Isolator x 1
  4. DB25 Male To Female Connector x 1



About fiber laser source. This part is 2 years warranty. Within warranty period, if it failed, seller will pay for return shipping cost to ship back laser source. Also, shipping a working laser source to cover the warranty.
About dead of arrival. The laser source was tested before sent. But, it is still 0.7% case happened because damaged on transportation. If things happen, seller will resend brand new fiber laser source and get back the broken one. Buyer responsible for assemble it. Seller will stand behind to provide technical support.


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