ARFCNC 2 Axis/3 Axis Machining Process

This process gives some ideas using ARFCNC brand CNC from first time. It also may help to judge if worth to invest before purchasing. First of all, we need to assemble machine table with gantry. Then connect below sockets on back of control box. X/Y/Z Axis Spindle Motor Auto Z tool Home/Limit Switch Power cable USB cable or Ethernet cable(it depends) Others if any Secondly, install Mach3 software and drivers. See details. Thirdly, Turn on power button and Launch Mach3 Mill, Press” Reset” till green frame around. Forthly, you will need a… Read More

Chinese benchtop ARFCNC 6040 Commercial CNC Wood Router setup

To start a cutting/engraving, you will need CAD Software(Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino…) CAM Software(Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric/…) Machine Controller Software(Mach3 from Artsoft) The control box include Chinese XHC USB motion controller. It support Mach3 Machine Controller Software. Below section, I will introduce it in very detail level. Section 1. Mach3 installment and XHC USB motion controller setup   Section 2. After software and plugin installed, we will set machine coordinates and softlimits. Mach3 homing process is helpful to define machine origins. Section 3. In CNC machine table, for example 6040, you may get 550mmx370mm working area. In case,… Read More