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ARFCNC 2 Axis/3 Axis Machining Process

This process gives some ideas using ARFCNC brand CNC from first time. It also may help to judge if worth to invest before purchasing.

First of all, we need to assemble machine table with gantry. Then connect below sockets on back of control box.

  1. X/Y/Z Axis
  2. Spindle Motor
  3. Auto Z tool
  4. Home/Limit Switch
  5. Power cable
  6. USB cable or Ethernet cable(it depends)
  7. Others if any

Secondly, install Mach3 software and drivers. See details.

Thirdly, Turn on power button and Launch Mach3 Mill, Press” Reset” till green frame around.

Forthly, you will need a few things to do in below tabs in Mach3 Mill before starting a job.

  1. Diagnostics (Alt-7)
  2. Program Run(Alt-1)
  3. Offset (Alt-5)
  4. Tool Path(Alt-4)

1.Diagnostics (Alt-7) to verify all parts works great and signal response correctly.
a.M1/M2/M3 home for X/Y/Z axis
b.Digitize for Auto Z tool
c.Emergency for E-stop
d.Output1 for Spindle Motor(If Output1 blinks,but spindle NOT run, please check VFD setting)

2.Program Run(Alt-1)
a.REF ALL HOME to locate Machine Zero
b.Turn on Soft limits to define working envelope (different machine has different limit setting)
c.Move Spindle on top of work piece
d.Auto Tool Zero to define Z Axis zero(please read ARFCNC manual before do it)
e.Move X/Y Axis to Work Zero(according to G code file)
f.In Workpiece Coordinate’s, Zero X and Y.
g.Load G code

3.Offset (Alt-5)
a.Save current Work Offset to either coordinates G55 till G59
b.In next time, just active corresponding coordiates directly.

4.Tool Path(Alt-4)
a.Regen. Toolpath and see X/Y/Z Axis range if exceed workpiece size.
b.Cycle Start(Alt-R) if all ok

ALL IN ALL, CNC machine sometimes is dangerous, please wear adequate protection before get down to it. Once there is an issue, press E-stop immediately!!!

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