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What’s laser marking and it’s applications

         Laser marking technology is one of the biggest applications of laser processing. Laser marking is a marking method that makes use of the high energy density laser to irradiate the work piece locally, so as to make the surface material vaporize or change the color, leave a permanent mark.Laser marking can mark a variety of words, symbols and patterns, the size of the characters can range from millimeters to microns, which has special significance for the product anti-forgery tag.

         The basic principle of laser marking is that the laser generator generates high-energy continuous laser beam. The focused laser beam acts on the printing material to melt and even vaporize the surface material instantaneously. So that the required laser image can be marked by controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material .


      Laser marking is characterized by non-contact processing, It can mark almost all the parts(such as the piston, piston rings, valves, seats, hardware tools, sanitary ware, electronic components, etc.)The mark is stand wear and tear,the technology is simple and auto-operation is easy, and the marked part is deformed little.




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