2019 New Launch ARFCNC 6040E Ethernet Mach3 CNC Engraving Machine cutting with confidence

Below is more information about this machine,please click to download 1. ARFCNC 6040E Instruction Manual(click to download) 2. MKX-Ethernet Motion Card Driver 3. Macros To Use 4. ARFCNC 6040E Mach3 Profile 5. XHC-WHB04BX 4 Axis handwheel driver v3.84 Mach3 software & drivers installment ARFCNC 6040E overall introduction 2019 ARFCNC 6040E T6061 aluminum milling sample Highlight: Metal cutting with cutting fluid generate better effect than nothing. ARFCNC 6040E Brass Milling sample

ARFCNC 2 Axis/3 Axis Machining Process

This process gives some ideas using ARFCNC brand CNC from first time. It also may help to judge if worth to invest before purchasing. First of all, we need to assemble machine table with gantry. Then connect below sockets on back of control box. X/Y/Z Axis Spindle Motor Auto Z tool Home/Limit Switch Power cable USB cable or Ethernet cable(it depends) Others if any Secondly, install Mach3 software and drivers. See details. Thirdly, Turn on power button and Launch Mach3 Mill, Press” Reset” till green frame around. Forthly, you will need a… Read More

ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box review

In  this post, I am going to tell more about control box of ARFCNC 6090.   1, ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box structure   a. Physical cable connection method b. Spindle socket connection method   2. ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 USB Control box Schematic   3. XHC Mach3 USB Motion Control Card Schematic Nowforever E100 VFD wiring diagram Diagnostics(Alt-7) in Mach3 4. Stepper driver Input&Output Voltage Terminals breakdown a. Red/Black Input 24VDC:  GND and Vdc terminal can NOT be reversed. Otherwise, stepper driver will be burned. b. How to measure Stepper driver… Read More

How to align laser Mirrors for HL laser engraving and cutter machine

Hello, In this post, I will introduce Laser Mirrors briefly and demo how to align laser Mirrors.   Laser Mirrors Mirror A/B/C. Diameter 20mm, Focus lenes. Focal length 63.5mm   Schematic   The Mirrors I named as “A”, “B”, “C” depends on distance to Reci laser tube. Below, I make 3 tutorial videos how to align laser Mirrors for HL laser engraving and cutter machine. This method suitable for all HL laser machine equiped with Reci W2,W4, and W6, W8 CO2 laser tube. Part A. Align Mirror A Part B. Align Mirror… Read More

Chinese benchtop ARFCNC 6090 Commercial CNC Wood Router setup

To start a cutting/engraving, you will need CAD Software(Autodesk/Solidworks/Rhino…) CAM Software(Artcam/BobCad-Cam/Mastercam/Vectric/…) Machine Controller Software(Mach3 from Artsoft) The control box include Chinese XHC USB motion controller. It support Mach3 Machine Controller Software. Below section, I will introduce it in very detail level. Section 1. Mach3 installment and XHC USB motion controller setup Section 2. After software and plugin installed, we will set machine coordinates and softlimits. Mach3 homing process is helpful to define machine origins. Section 3. In CNC machine table, for example 6090, you may get max. 870mmx570mm working area. In case,… Read More

HLJ laser HL-1060D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP Laser Engraving Machine guide

In this post, I will show you step by step how to setup HanLaser HL-1060 D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP 100w laser engraving machine and pilot run test cut. Step 1. Unboxing and assemble laser cutter Step 2. Setup connections physically HL-1060 100w laser engraving machine. Step 3. HanLaser HL-1060 DSP laser engraving machine RDwrok&USB driver installment Step 4. DSP laser engraving machine multi-task pilot run Optional accessories 1. Wifi Module(Smartphone APP control) 2. Wireless Handwheel Where to download Ruida RDS6442G Manual&RDWorks Software? Please click here to download…. Read More

Find Assistance with CorelDRAW Software

Need help with CorelDraw? Check out some of the great sites below where you can find your questions answered. Talk to other Corel users or follow a step-by-step tutorial to create new and unique projects. Coreldraw.com Official site of CorelDRAW. Graphics Unleashed Formed in 1993 to support CorelDRAW Unleashed books, Unleashed Productions specializes in educating users about graphics products and the World Wide Web. Here you can find books, tutorials, discussions and more that will help you get the most from your software. Association of CorelDRAW Professionals ACDRP was founded to provide… Read More

The advantages of HL-1060 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Machine Ruida DSP System&Auto Focus&400MM Lifting platform

2017 New launch XB-1060 DSP 100W laser RDworks off-line with high-speed High configuration board.The use of high-tech control system,Imported lens and reflector system. Use USB 2.0 off-line .It supports CAD and RDworks and CoreldRAW software ,variety of software typesetting engraving and cutting.With lifting platform.Using professional high quality laser power supply and C02 laser tube. The advantages of High-speed offline board configuration :1. It supports RDworks and CoreldRAW and CAD software to engrave and cut.     2. The Engraving and cutting color separation work at the same time.   3. The different colors can be… Read More

HL-1060 130W laser engrave machine connection guide and test the laser

This machine is our new model.the laser tube power is Reci 130W,the working area is 1000*600MM.Lifting platform is 0-400MM.and it is better to do cut.it can cut 15/20/25mm deepth Acrylic and 15mm MDF/Plywood .if you are interested it it.please contact me by skype: tinalongping1 whatsapp: +86 13424190581 or email:2850145912@qq.com The below video is very important.so please have a look before you assembly the  machine and chiller.if you  connect the chiller with the machine wrong.then there isn’t laser from the  laser tube. The machine in the video is our 1060 130W.We just use… Read More

New upgrade USB CNC 6040Z-S80 2200W 3Axis Engraver Engraving Milling Machine Desktop&USB Port

  USB CNC 6040Z-S80 is suitable for Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes. USB CNC 6040Z-S80 is designed for large area engraving work such as Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Making,PCB,Adverstising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts,etc.So,you can do engraving work at office or home.In addition,It is with four axis(rotary axis) and tailstock.   Item specifics: Feeding Height: other Brand Name: CNC Router Rated Power: other Milling Cutter Diameter: other Main Axle Rotational Speed: 24000rpm/min Application: 580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*75(Z)mm Engraving Speed: 300-3500mm/min Dimensions: 85cm x 65cm x 47cm Weight: 52KG Model Number:… Read More