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HLJ laser HL-1060D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP Laser Engraving Machine guide

In this post, I will show you step by step how to setup HanLaser HL-1060 D 400mm Z lift platform RUIDA RDWorks 6442G DSP 100w laser engraving machine and pilot run test cut.

Step 1. Unboxing and assemble laser cutter

Step 2. Setup connections physically HL-1060 100w laser engraving machine.

Step 3. HanLaser HL-1060 DSP laser engraving machine RDwrok&USB driver installment

Step 4. DSP laser engraving machine multi-task pilot run

Optional accessories

1. Wifi Module(Smartphone APP control)

2. Wireless Handwheel

Where to download Ruida RDS6442G Manual&RDWorks Software? Please click here to download.



1. Q: Images in RDworks that are not mirrored or flipped but when I laser them they are all lasered Mirrored or flipped. How to engrave as not mirrored?

A: This is related to origin point of laser head defined when install RDworks. Left-Top/Right Top…… Path: Config/System setting , check/uncheck  Axis X Mirror

RW8 not mirror image

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