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ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box review

In  this post, I am going to tell more about control box of ARFCNC 6090.


1, ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 motion control box structure

6090 control box


a. Physical cable connection method

control box connection

b. Spindle socket connection method

spindle connection


2. ARFCNC 6090 Mach3 USB Control box Schematic

ARFCNC 220V control box electrical diagram


3. XHC Mach3 USB Motion Control Card Schematic

XHC motion card

Nowforever E100 VFD wiring diagram

XHC motion card VFD connection.jpg

Diagnostics(Alt-7) in Mach3

XHC motion card led

4. Stepper driver Input&Output Voltage Terminals breakdown

a. Red/Black Input 24VDC:  GND and Vdc terminal can NOT be reversed. Otherwise, stepper driver will be burned.

stepper output

b. How to measure Stepper driver Input Voltage?

stepper driver check-1

c. How to measure Stepper driver Output Voltage?

stepper driver output voltage

5. How to Measure Power Supply ?




1.How to verify Mach3 XHC USB Motion controller input signals?

A: The simple way is to use jumper wire below to short curcuit 0V and input pins(X-home, Y-home,Z-home,Probe, E-stop)

Will it lid corresponding led in Alt-7 tab(Mach3)?

verify XHC controller inputs signals


2. The spindle can NOT turn on and VFD panel show error code.

A:Please follow below steps to check spindle and belongings.

1) VFD

without spindle cable connected, what does VFD panel show? still error code?
2) Spindle cable

a.Measure point 1,2,3 from connector of two side, is it connected?

b.Check physical connection as above(point 1)
3) Spindle

a.Spindle good shape no deform?

b.Spindle generate sound eg. chirp or just no response/no any sound?

c. Is it hold down bracket too tight? loosen it a bit.

4) Control box internal connection
a. U/V/W terminal(VFD side) loosen?
b. spindle socket(control box side) bad connection? (see attached) use multi-meter

control box cable-2

3. My machine has photocell sensors, but it won’t stop machine. What is the problem?


1.Please firstly make sure Mach3 motion card is good working in question 1.

2.With multi-meter on your hand, measure photocell sensor(NPN) voltage as below.

lines of photocell sensor

brown(red) line is 24VDC+

blue line is VDC-

black line is singal

Multi-meter side

switch to 200VDC gear

Red probe for voltage and Black probe for COM

Mach3 motion card side

Red probe for 24VDC and Blace one for Z home(or X/Y home)

Multi-meter readout

photocell NOT lit up  it is 0.05 or something very small

photocell lit up  it is 23.9 or something close to 24V


how to measure photo cell limit switch

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