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Laser cutter machine problem sovling

Here are some solutions for regular problem when using later cutter machine.   Problem Analytical method Solve the problem 1 Machine do not moving when turning on 1.check the power whether you have turned it on 2.Check the pannel paraments if it iscorrect restart the machine again and reset the parameters. 2 No laser beam […]

130W Laser Engraver Intruduction

130W Laser Engraver Intruduction This is a 130W Laser Engraver / cuttting machine with 1000mm * 595mm working area size. It can be applicated for leater, acrtlic, plywood, MDF wood, Non-woven, and spongy-fabric with dirrerent laser power and speed.  

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Our engineers are very happy to support you if puzzled what is  real need. Giving a free hand to test materials that work with.  Spend with satisfaction!!!

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