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HL laser HL-1060 100w/130w RuiDa RDworks DSP RDC6442G/S AND RDC 6445 Download

RuiDa Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD headquartered in Shenzhen, devoted to researching and developing the motion control, machine vision, laser marking & cutting and automatic core parts independently. Based on many years industry application experience and expert-level core R&D team, RuiDa aims to provide cost-effective automatic control products and services from simple application to complexity to customers. It has many branches and offices in China. On the basis of independent innovation, RuiDa Technology cooperates closely with domestic universities and research institutions, introducing foreign advanced motion control technology and continuously developing high cost performance new products to adapt to the market demand..

Below are useful download links to understand&operate HL-1060 laser engraving machine with RDC6442 DSP Control System.

  1. HLJ HL-1060 100w Laser Engraving Machine Manual(2018)
  2. HLJ HL-1060L 100w/130w Laser Cutter Machine Manual(2018)
  3. 2020 NEW LAUNCH HLJ HL-1060X 130w W6 Laser Cutter Machine Manual(2020)
  4. 2020 NEW LAUNCH HLJ HL-1060Z 100W W2 Laser Cutter Machine Manual(2020)
  5. 2020 NEW LAUNCH HLJ HL-1060S 80W EFR F2 Laser Engraving Machine Manual(2020)
  6. RDC6442G/S User Manual(English)
  7. RDC6445 User Manual(English) update July of 2019
  8. RDWorks V8/RDCAM User Manual(English)
  9. RDWorksV8 ver.8.01.24
  10. RDWorksV8 ver.8.01.34(Released on 2018/10)
  11. RDWorksV8 ver.8.01.40(Released on 2019/03,SUPPORT RDC6445 controller)
  12. RDWorksV8 ver.8.01.48(Released on 2020/05,SUPPORT RDC6445 controller)
  13. RDWorksV8 ver.8.01.56(Released on 2021/06,SUPPORT RDC6445 controller)
  14. RDC6442 USB Driver Win-10
  15. RDC6442 USB Driver Win-7 32/64
  16. Handheld Wireless Remote Handwheel(Android)
  17. Handheld Wireless Remote Handwheel(iOS) – Search “RuiDa ACS” in APP Store

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