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HL CO2 Laser Machine Wood Application

Laser Cutting Wood

  • Wood cutting and engraving are very popular applications for CO2 laser machine
  • Because wood application with HL CO2 laser machine can encompass many different wood projects. So it is very suitable for woodworkers to create more products.
  • If you are looking for a laser machine to process wood, the HL CO2 laser machine will be a good choose.

How thick of wood can you cut?

  • The thickness you can cut of wood depends on what kinds of wood you work with.
  • Also depends on the wattage of your laser cutter.
  • Since we have many years experience with wood application, if you are not sure how to set the power and speed, you can refer to our parameter setting file or contact us for help.

Laser Engraving wood

  • In wood application, the HL CO2 laser machine works well, it can engrave beautiful and complicate images on wood.
  • What kinds of wood can you engrave with HL CO2 laser machine? Here we list some common woods: balsa, mdf, plywood, walnut, alder,maple, beech,cherry etc…
  •  If you have any special wood want to process with the CO2 laser machine,welcome to send us the sample, we will help to test it.In 

What need to pay attention to in wood application?

  • Because the wood is flammable, and the laser beam is with high temperature. As a result, the very common phenomenon is that the laser beam will blacken the edges of the wood. 
  • Please take note that the thicker the wood, the easier to get burn the edges.
  • Please keep in mind that you should be present when you run the laser
    machine, no matter that which material you work with.

What is the application of wood can you make?

  • Wood puzzle
  • Wood toy
  • Wood model
  • Decorative items
  • Holiday gift
  • Wood signage
  • And much more

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