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Laser cutter machine problem sovling

Here are some solutions for regular problem when using later cutter machine.

  Problem Analytical method Solve the problem
1 Machine do not moving

when turning on

1.check the power whether you have turned it on

2.Check the pannel paraments if it iscorrect

restart the machine again and reset the parameters.
2 No laser beam come out 1.check the laser light whether it is coming out in the middle of the mirror.

2.check the machine line

1.Use the laser light adjuster to adjust the laser beam path.

2. make sure it shots in the center of the mirrors.

3 when processing the

machine stop continually

1.check circulation between water chiller and laser tube.

2.check the electric voltage if it is stable or not.

1.Clean the water chiller and infuse purified water.

2.Use the voltage stabilizer.

4 Can not received files from the computer 1.check the USB cable whether it connects well.

2.check the USB diver of the


1.Restart the machine and

connect the USB cable or

reinstall the machine driver.

5 The control panel is not


1.Loose wire 1Check the plug from the

mother board to control panel.

6 When you turn on the

machine,the laser head

touch the limited place,the panelshow reset problem

1.Limited switch problem or

parameters of the computer

software problem.

1.Check the software

parameters, and reset the

parameters in the computer

7 When you do the engraving or cutting the location is not correct. 1.Electrostatic interference

2.Transportation parts problem

1.Roconnect the ground

wire,check the gear or the belt

whether it is loose or not.

8 When you cut the materials, the laser can cut off the materials but show double line in the material. 1.Check the laser light see if it is in

the middle of the laser lense

1.Adjust the laser light

according to the video in the



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