The parameters setting for 130W laser engraver cutting machine

When using the laser cut machine, you should change the laser power and speed parameters acording to different materials. You can refer to below instuction, but please be noted that below mentioned setting can be adjusted basing on real effect.


Cutting materials Laser power Laser speed Cutting


Leather(pu) 65 % 3—4m/min 1mm
  65% 2—3m/min 2mm
  65% 1—1.5m/min 3mm
acrylic 65—70% 3m-4m/min 1mm
  65%-70% 1.5mm-2mm 3mm
  65%-70% 0.3m/min 10mm
  65%-80% 0.1m/min 15mm
plywood 65%-70% 0.5-0.8m/min 5mm
  65%-70% 0.2-0.3m/min 10mm
MDF wood 65%-80% 0.5-1.5m/min 6mm
  65%-80% 0.3m/min 8mm
Non-woven 15–20% 2–3m/min 1mm
  65%-80% 0.3m/min 10mm
Spongy fabric 15–20% 2–3m/min 1mm
  15–40% 2–3m/min 2mm
PU leather 20%–60% 20-60m/min 1-3mm
acrylic 20%–60% 20-60m/min 1-3mm
wood 20%–60% 20-60m/min 1-3mm

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