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HL-1060 100W Laser Engraving Machine For coconut Engrave And Cutting

HL-1060 Reci C02 100W laser engrave machine


This is a Reci 100W Laser Engraver / cuttting machine with 1000mm * 600mm working area size. It can be applicated for leater, acrtlic, plywood, MDF wood, Non-woven, Acrylic,plastic,and spongy-fabric with dirrerent laser power and speed.



1. Adjustable Speed and Power, Smooth and Precise Engraving and Cutting

2. USB Interface

3. Rotary Axis, Engrave any cylindrical object.

4. Water CW-3000 Cooling and Protection System with a chiller.

With jam-proof heat exchanger, water flow detection alarm, over temperature alarm.

5. Laser position.

6. Emergency Stop Buttom.

7. Larger Size, 600*1000mm working area.

8. Lifting platform is electric control, 0-25cm.

10. Drag – and – chain transmission line

11. Laser focal length: 5CM

12. A limit switch let it can only work when the cover is closed.

13. RECI laser tube ,Working life 10,000 hours


1060 100W 激光尺寸

Engrave coconut sample

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