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HL CO2 Laser Machine Acrylic Application

Acrylic Application

  • Is HL CO2 laser cutting engraving machine suitable for acrylic application?
  • The answer is yes.
  • Due to  acrylic is durable and affordable, it becomes one of the most popular materials for CO2 laser machine cutting and engraving.
  • We also call the acrylic as Perspex or Plexiglass.
  • You can use a laser cutting engraving machine to process transparent acrylic or color acrylic.
  • In the field of acrylic application, laser cutting engraving machine plays a very important role.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

  • Because acrylic has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to process. So it can be shaped and cut due to its physical properties.
  • When you use CO2 laser machine to process acrylic, the beam can reach smooth cutting result on it.
  • Using the CO2 laser machine to cut acrylic, the advantage is that complicated, irregular shapes can be done by laser cutting engraving machine. 

How thick of acrylic can you cut?

  • How thick of acrylic you can cut depends on what kind of acrylic you work with.
  • Also depends on the wattage of your laser cutter.
  • Don’t have idea about it? Don’t worry, you can tell us your needs and we will provide suggestions.

Laser Engraving Acrylic

  • Generally speaking, processing with lower power+high speed, the CO2 laser machine can engrave acrylic better.
  • When the power is too high,the acrylic has risk to distort. In order to avoid this happen, please don’t use too high power.
  • If the acrylic has protective adhesive film on the front and back , please remove the protective adhesive paper from the side of the acrylic which you will engrave.

What need to pay attention to in acrylic application?

  • Since acrylic is especially flammable when cut with the laser machine, please make sure that do not leave laser machine works alone.
  • Due to laser acrylic cutting will produce flare ups,there is risk to harm your eyes if you watch it directly and closely.please do not stay near to the laser machine when you cut acrylic. 
  • To reach better cutting result, please always choose the right type of acrylic for different job is important. Normally, cast acrylic is suitable for engraving, extruded acrylic is better for laser cutting.
  • Please keep in mind that you should be present when you run the laser
    machine, no matter that which material you work with.

What is the application of acrylic can you make?

  • Custom acrylic awards
  • Holiday decorations
  • Pendants/buttons
  • Earrings
  • Indicator/signage
  • Toy model
  • And much more

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